LogoConeStriping and marking is the finishing touch for G & G Sealcoating, as is the case for many companies in the asphalt construction industry. However, unlike many other companies, we’ve kept it a service that we still provide in house without the need to utilize subcontractors.

There are a few advantages to maintaining a separate crew for marking or striping. The most notable is the seamless integration from one facet of construction or maintenance to another until the job is completed.

As a property owner, you will appreciate the ability of G & G Sealcoating to be able to move one crew out and another in with perfect timing, because it means less down time for your property during the construction or maintenance process. We are also better able to maintain the incredibly high standard of quality that our customers have come to expect from our countless performances.

Last but not least, is our ability to redesign existing layouts and make minor to major changes to maximize the total number of car stalls achievable with your given property.

  • Seamless, no stress completion of construction / maintenance projects
  • High degree of quality and professionalism
  • New layout and re-design capabilities
  • OSHA safety lines (interior and exterior)
  • Knowledge and experience with all paint types